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Video production firm eyes blockchain for copyright protection

COLDSKY.CN – China’s video production platform will offer blockchain-based services to improve copyright protection and make it more accessible to the creative industry.

The platform connects directors, scriptwriters, photographers and studios to create video content faster and cheaper for companies that increasingly turn to video to market products, services and ideas.

Launched with an angel fund from PreAngel in 2014 and then supported by Hongtai Fund Aplus (洪泰基金) and Eagles Fund (老鹰基金) in 2015, the platform now has 55,800 registered professionals across the country and has offered services to 1,500 companies. says it provides one-stop video solutions for business clients such as brand promotional videos, TV commercials, micro films, motion graphics and 3D product animation. CEO Xia Pan said plagiarism costs very little in China but the hassle and expense to safeguard copyrights are very high, according to

“Clips like an aerial shot of the Sydney Opera House can sell at $100 in the United States, but we only can sell it at 60 yuan ($9.5) in China. And the next day you may find it sold at 6 yuan on Taobao, or 0.6 yuan on the third day,” said Xia.

The business model cannot continue without a robust copyright protection, said Xia, so blockchain, a shared and immutable database maintained by a network of computers on the internet, can help track deals and validate works during an infringement dispute.

In addition the platform also plans to launch a copyright trading hub for films, TV drama series, music and other creative works.

Similar platforms to connect professionals, such as photographers (, registered in 2015)and designers (, invested by Sequoia Capital),  with business clients have also sprung up in recent years.

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